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یکشنبه 26 بهمن‌ماه سال 1382
Look! what AB of IBO has decided upon our proposal:

A. Number of questions
Iran advocated in a written proposal that 50 good quality and good discriminating  questions are appropriate for the IBO (25% should be A type (multiple choice) and 75% B type).
This triggers a discussion, what number of questions is the optimum. The IBO covers a broad range of fields and topics and this requires many questions in order to offer a balanced task. As the IBO is a competition, there is a need to have a good discriminating power of the tasks and this also requires that the number of questions should not be  too small. Assessment experts will be consulted about the relationship between number of questions, type of questions, number of students and discriminating power.
But the majority of the AB meeting supports the idea of trying to reduce the number of questions in the theoretical part of the IBO.

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