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دوشنبه 19 مرداد‌ماه سال 1383
Chalus Road trying to continue living!

It's a little bit tricky writing just about Olympiad. Rather I prefer to add my posts about my real life as well! Being away from home is not always uncomfortable. Biologist believes that home has a significant role to bring ones tranquility. After coming back from Australia being under stress of competition and leaving behind 21 hours 2 of times in the plane, I was in the North with the family for some days. North of Iran is unique in the country green and beautiful. The weather was nice but a little bit warm.

At first the shortest but snaky way to Chalus, called Chalus Road, was closed; because of terrible earthquake of 2 months ago. Instead we passed through Rasht, a one-hour longer but really beautiful way. It was great that we could came back home through Chalus road. We were among the first cars coming through after reconstruction and reopening. More than 80 people died under huge falling debris after the earthquake!

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